Product Info

RobustVPN is a VPN software suite to help you setup secure VPN tunnels between Robust VPN and remote R3000 routers, so that you can get access to the remote site from anywhere, any time. RobustVPN provides a user-friendly web based GUI and makes VPN network deployment easier.



RobusteVPN Cloud VPN Portal Easy, Secure Remote Access for PLCs and Machines Robustel RobustVPN cloud VPN portal is a web VPN service designed to provide easy and secure remote access for PLCs and machines.

Key Features

  • Easy to connect within VPN tunnel
  • Secure internet access to remote stations
  • Attaching various control stations
  • Connection status overview
  • Multi-users and Multi-access
  • Plug & Play
  • Remote Configuration
  • Number of Devices: up to 1000+
  • Web GUI
  • Specification

    Problem of M2M data communication
    In Cellular network we often face the problem that routers got dynamic private IP address from local carrier. Remote routers are not reachable directly. Besides, data transmission over Internet is not secure without any encryption and protection.

     What is RobustVPN
    RobustVPN is based on a hosted web service designed to connect customer to their machines through Internet. The hosted acts as data transit platform and offer communication originated by the customers to their machines. It is intended to be used in the industrial M2M communication sector.
    The key of architecture is the central server, it is needed to handle all VPN tunnels and forward the corresponding traffic from end to end.


    How does RobustVPN work
    The R3000 router is connected to the RobustVPN server.
    The engineer uses the VPN client remotely to log in to his RobustVPN account, and selects the machine he wants to connect to.
    A fully secure VPN tunnel is now set up between the engineer and the machine. The engineer can get live with any devices connected to the R3000 router’s LAN ports


    Why RobustVPN
    RobustVPN is designed with Web service, address the growing need for broadband and wireless access for remote data transmission. The RobustVPN is the full integration of network security standards by enabling VPN tunnel between the customer and remote machines.